Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wii facts

1. How many discs can a 3-year-old fit into the Wii gaming system? 5

2. Where can you find do-it-yourself Wii disassemble instructional videos? YouTube

3. What kind of screwdrivers will you need to disassemble the Wii? special order tri-head screwdrivers

4. How long does it take to disassemble the Wii without the tri-head screwdrivers? very long

5. Who is my hero for fixing the Wii (without the tri-head screwdriver) so I could exercise? Dominic

6. How long did above mentioned 3-year-old spend in her room in timeout? long enough to fix the Wii and then complete exercise routine*

*She didn't mind the timeout. Siblings kept visiting, and we heard a lot of laughter.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Rachel just ran past me, and she was buck naked! When I asked where her diaper was, she just looked confused. I remembered hearing her play upstairs. At the top of the stairs in front of the bathroom, we found her discarded (dry) diaper and a pair of Lisy's underwear. Rachel was sad when I put the diaper back on her. Apparently she was trying to put on big girl underwear like her big sister.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bedtime activity

All four children sleep in the same room, per their request.

Benjamin has decided to be afraid of the dark and thus needs the door left open with the hall light on.

Rachel has figured out how to get out of her crib.

This evening when I tried to put Rachel back to bed, she immediately swung her leg over the side again. Since I do not want to make a dozen trips up and down the stairs, I told the children that if Rachel got out of bed again, then I would close their door.

Now I keep hearing Benjamin run across the floor above me saying, "No, no, no!"

*update: Dominic just passed by the kids' room. Rachel is in the process of tearing apart her bed. She didn't even notice Daddy because she was so focused on pulling up her mattress.

Yes, she has been screaming through all of this. If she were a cartoon, she would have steam coming out of her ears. She also does a funny little trill - perhaps she is destined to speak Spanish fluently.