Monday, November 30, 2009

Role Reversal

After getting all the kids ready in the morning, I said, "Now I get to get dressed." Lisy, who loves clothes and likes to help me, ran across the house, into my bedroom, and into my closet. She grabbed two shirts and enthusiastically waved them up and down saying, "Pick one! Pick one!" Well, what do I expect? I always give her a choice of two shirts. I just never expected my 2-year-old to turn the tables on me.

Always the fashion diva, one day I told her to go get dressed. She came back wearing sweatpants under a skirt, dress-up shoes, and that's it. She was very proud of herself.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Men Men did it

We call Benjamin "Ben Ben," however in Lisy-eese this translates into "Men Men."

She has decided that the cause of all her woes is her brother Benjamin, and even if we see her trip in the middle of the floor - yards away from anyone else, she'll come sobbing to us saying that "Men-men did it."

My brother came to visit for a postponed Thanksgiving. I took him into the room where Rachel was sleeping, so I could show off the Christmas presents we got for the boys; however - the silence was broken when he got a shock. He saw Rachel, and proceeded to say "Dang! She's huge!" amidst reminders to be quiet and "shush" so as not to wake her.


Later on his wife tiptoed in the room to take a look, too. She came out laughing, incredulous. Rachel is much bigger than their daughter, who is 2 months older.


P.S. - a new poll is up. Last poll only had two responses (probably MaryRuth and me) :P So take the poll - goobers :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

table rules

Growing up, my family had the rule that there was no singing at the dinner table. I was surprised to find out that other families didn't break into song at the drop of a hat like we did.

With my children, our dinner table rule is that there are no animals at the table. Animals include, but are not limited too, toys, stuffed animals, animal noises, and eating like animals.


Maybe one day, those rules will work. There are always loop-holes too, like a kid who is asked not to sing at the table later has to go potty and sings full blast, so the whole table is serenaded with "I am a child of God" from the bathroom.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Belly Dancing

Over the summer we went to a street carnival. Each intersection had a band or dance group performing. At one block we saw belly dancers. Well, we've taught our children about modesty, which includes not showing your belly button in public.

Sammy: "Mom! Why are they showing their belly buttons in public?"
Mom: "Well, that's part of the belly dancing costume. It's what all belly dancers wear."
Benjamin: "I'm never going to belly dance!"
Mom: "Good. Boys don't belly dance. Only girls do."
Benjamin: "Mom, never belly dance. Don't show your belly button in public!"
Mom: "OK, I promise." Not that I ever would, anyway.


I appreciate that they have a strong opinion of what should not be done in public - now if we can get that to include a normal (as opposed to a child's) fashion sense. "Sorry, camouflage and tie die don't go together, Sweety."


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

big word

Samuel described the game he played at church:
"I was supposed to close my eyes and choose one, but I kept my eyes open and chose this."
"Sacrament? Why did you choose sacrament?" I asked.
"I couldn't read it. I just like big words!" he replied.

He's definitely my son. I like big words, too.


Monday, November 23, 2009

It's a dog, it's a cow, no it's Tom Turkey

Elisa proudly exclaimed, "Look! Dog!"
MR: "Uh, no dear, mommy just isn't that...."
Elisa: "Dog!" and continues to mutter incoherently.
MR: "... good at drawing a turkey."
Dom: "Did she say cow?"
Elisa: "Cow!" as she proudly and enthusiastically point's to the turkey MaryRuth had drawn on the calendar.

MR - Awww, I didn't think it was that bad :(
Dom - Hehehe, Elisa calls them as she sees them, and she saw a dog-cow.
MR - Next year I'll try drawing a cornucopia.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The other white meat?

In the grocery store, Benjamin was growling and being ferocious. It came to a culmination in the following conversation:

He said "I gobble you up!"
I said "What?"
"I'm a meat eater and you're a meat!"

I guess that's how lions or dinosaurs could look at it also. We're all made of meat - charming thought, huh? Just stay away from my son when you feel particularly juicy.

Little known fact

Just a minute ago, Benjamin came running up to me and said, "Superheroes do go potty!" Then he ran into the bathroom. Yup, everybody goes potty, even superheroes.


Friday, November 20, 2009

healing power of babies?

Benjamin, 4 years old, felt sad one day while I was holding my new little baby.

"Sometimes holding a baby can help me feel better. Do you want to try it?" I asked.
Benjamin nodded, and I placed the baby in his arms. After a moment he started crying again and gave her back to me.
"What's wrong, honey?" I wondered.
"It doesn't work, Mommy. I still feel bad." -Benjamin


Funny, makes me feel better usually - as long as the baby isn't screaming.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mommy! Go your room!

Lisy, our 2yr old is having a tough night - and was getting frustrated that she was getting trouble - and tried to turn the tables on Mom. She came up to MaryRuth and said:

Lisy: Mommy! Go your room! You time out.

MR: No Lisy, you can't put Mom in time out.

She was told not to yell or talk that way to her parents. What can I say - this is the same day I called her a booger. She's really living up to it today.


A booger by any other name

MaryRuth: Lisy! Why did you come over here to step on my toe?
Dominic: Because she's a booger!
MaryRuth: Lisy - stop being a booger.
Sammy: She won't stop being a booger just because you said that.

Well, it hasn't worked with the other ones yet, either.


young acrobat

Last night we went to a school activity, where I heard:
"Sir, it might not be a good idea to somersault off the chairs like that."
The lady could easily have been talking to one of my boys, but I am so glad she wasn't this time. Aah, the universality of wild children.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Looking forward

Benjamin likes to say that he loves me more than I love him. The other day I told him that he couldn't possibly know how much I love him until he has children of his own. Samuel heard our conversation. The next day Benjamin started in on his "I love you more" speech when Samuel said, "I can't wait to become a parent so that I'll understand how much Mom loves me."


Friday, November 13, 2009

Ugly babies Poll

Some might say that there is no such thing as an ugly baby. might not agree, considering that they recently had an ugly baby contest. Some of these pictures are from that site, others just found out and about on the web. This is for the new poll - so look it up and vote on the right hand side of the blog.

Finding an ugly baby usually only happens to me in the supermarket - which is good, it would be difficult being friends with the parents of an ugly baby. Could you imagine people coughing (instead of smiling and saying "Awww") when you show your baby at the baby blessing? What about saying, "Oh (in surprise when you see it), what a, uh, cu.., uh, sweet lil gir, boy- baby. I meant to say baby, honest."

They'll grow into their faces, well most will. At least they're cute on the inside.

Baby 1: Photoshopped, but funny
What if baby looked just like daddy?

Baby 2: Gills are so '80s
Aquaman's daughter of course

Baby 3: What you talk'n about willis?

What if Gary Coleman was an angry white baby?

How much for the spotted one?

"Mommy, why do the cows have price tags?" Samuel (6) wanted to know about the cows' ear tags. Honestly, I have no idea.


To know how much they cost - duh.


*Update: the tags have numbers, which are used for identification purposes instead of branding. There helpful in cattle auctions.

Not afraid of cat food, eh?

The poll results are in - and it was a three way tie (each with two votes): something gooey, anything furry and a lego are all officially things you do not want to find in your shoes - for full disclosure, I do have to say that I have found all of these in my shoes.

Not too impressed with cat food? It's worse than you think, honestly - it leaves a cat food smell and residue after it's been put in your shoe for the up-teenth time :P I'll be happy to show you guys the next time we come to visit. There really is nothing like taking off your shoes after a long day of work to a whiff of cat-food and feet, not saying furry things are fun to find in your shoes. It is cute when you find little shoes in your shoes though :)

Feel free to check out the next post, as soon as I put it up.


Isy got it!

I made a cat toy for Casey today, just a string shredded from an old t-shirt fastened to a stick (like a cat fishing pole). She loved it, but got annoyed when her toy was monopolized by a cute little blond 2 yr old, who would happily exclaim "Isy got it!" whenever she caught the cat toy. She was very proud of herself, and wanted a turn, during which she almost hit Rachel in the eye.

I didn't realize I was making a cat & 2yr old toy at the time, but it was fun playing with both of them.

She just came in and asked if the cat fishing pole is hers "Ommy, is dat mine?" because she wanted to show it to her brother who just came home from preschool.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Then I'll bite 'em

"Benjamin! Don't suck on your toes!"
"Then, I'll bite 'em" Which he said happily, and started to do.

The rest of the conversation was pretty amusing, too:
Don't bite your toes.
Then I'll bite my fingers.
Don't bite your fingers.
Then I'll bite myself - arg (bites his arm) See! I bite myself (which he happily shows to his mother)

As you can see, he has done this before.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Did he really just say that?

"I'm so hungry I could eat a wild, vampire cow." -Benjamin, 4 years, begging for a bedtime snack.


Because the tame vampire cows aren't as filling.


I falled on my tummy

"Good, I'm glad you fell on your tummy," was something I heard from my wife to Benjamin, after he continually said "I falled on my tummy. Look, I falled on my tummy. I falled on my tummy mommy." This was all said very happily and excitedly.

This might not be suprising for those of you who have heard of Benjamin - he's the one that loves to "die" which he does often and very dramatically. He doesn't do it as much as he once did, but his sound effects are still constant - now it's more shooting (and spitting, unfortunately for my glasses).


More questing

Bedtime can be a chore, trying to get the kids to actually get ready for bed. In a stroke of genius, I told the kids that their quest was to put on their pajamas. They did it with a minimum of reminders from me or complaining from them! The rest of the night was filled with 3 little faces periodically beaming up at me with hands outstretched for their pretend money reward, and "your next quest is..." The kids were in bed in record time.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


My children enjoy playing World of Warcraft, especially the quests. Last night Dominic told me about something at work. Benjamin (4) asked, "Is that a quest?"

"Well, not quite; in the adult world it's called paperwork," I responded.

"But in the kid world it's called a quest!" called out Samuel (6).


Vocabulary, which is amusing

I think that the vocabulary of the parents is often reflected in the children. Just as you hear a child cuss at Walmart, and then glare at his or her parents, I heard something from Sammy today that made me smile.

"Which is unfortunate"

Sammy said that after Rachel finally scooted forwards (as opposed to backwards), only to bang her head on some blocks - it was sad, and MaryRuth and I were talking about how that was bad timing - the first attempt at going forward to be meet with such a sad result, and then Sammy piped in with "Which is unfortunate."

Benjamin was also amusing at the last visit to his uncle's house: he went up to Devin with his arms held behind his back and said, "I've been seized." Devin said, "did he just say what I think he said?" The answer was yes, and Benjamin patiently explained what being seized entailed. Which was amusing.


Monday, November 9, 2009

An Abominable Breakfast

In a cute, sing-song baby voice, "Do you want to play with the Abomination? There you go."

That's right, my infant is playing with an abomination - you know, from the Hulk.

But wait, there's more. You think we'd give a gross, dangerous thing like that access to our house? (The Abomination, not the baby - though babies can be slimy at times).

Actually, Marvel has been making happy, cutesy versions of their characters for younger audiences - which makes it possible for your children to drool on some of the scariest, most dangerous creatures ever to grace one's imagination. There's just something wrong about the Abomination with a cute smiley face though - it's - dare I say it? An Abomination!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Edition

At church today, someone giving the lesson talked about how they were reading the scriptures out loud with their kids, at a place where "Jesus spake unto the multitude." After a little while, one of his kids asked, "Why did Jesus spank the multitude?"

Obviously, they needed it.

Our kids loved watching Sky High. There's a part that my oldest likes to repeat: "There's trouble downtown, big trouble." To which Benjamin says, "Thewz twoble downdown, big twoble." They would also ask if we were going downtown whenever we got in the car.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

I never expected to hear...

There are several things that I never expected to hear as a parent. These sayings come from what we have said as a parent and what I have heard our kids say.


Oh, Wolverine, you are so funny.

(my son decided that he is not responding to us unless we call him Wolverine - I heard this from my wife in the kitchen)

Fun Fact:

I used to find cat food in my shoes - and still find "presents" there whenever we have a 1 1/2-3 year old. I found a pair of princess socks in my shoes yesterday.