Friday, February 5, 2016

Fifth Grade Writing Prompt

Benjamin had a writing assignment, which he had to answer as a letter to the principal. The question: should 5th grade students be allowed to have cell phones in class? Here's his answer with his spelling and grammar (who said geniuses have to have perfect spelling anyway?).


          I think that 5th grades shouldn't have cellphones in class because they wouldn't pay attention. Exsamples of what they would do include, looking at the time, checking emale, playing a game, texting a freind, or looking up baby bunny pictures during class! They might leave it in their backpack and, during a test, disrupt the class because someone called them or, use it to cheat on the test! But, lots of fithgraders don't like school so, they wouldn't pay a speck of attention and, they have a cellphone so they can spend the whole day online! That is why I think fith graders shouldn't have cellphones in class.

                              sencerly, Benjamin